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Over two decades of experience in the auto repair industry. GaragePOS comes from an enterprise of auto-repair-center owners and web developers. Together – we have been through the requirements and tested them in real life scenarios. This makes for a seamless experience all the way through the GaragePOS software usage.

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GaragePOS includes EspaceClient. This was integrated to the system as an add-on to reach the entirerety of the scenario. This means that if your repair center uses the POS system with the Premium Plan, well your customers, employee’s and basically all users have access to the EspaceClient Section. This is where personal unique information like bills, quotes, storage documents, POS tools, customer account security, digital currency payment options and much more is viewed and accessed. The POS system allows for internal/independent bi-operational payment processing with secure methods such as STRIPE, digital currency(BTC) including E-Transfer capability.


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    The Nationwide Limited Refund Program offers a written limited nationwide warranty to customers.